An Unbiased People�s Investigation Into The Events Of September 11, 2001

The Patriot Act, rushed into law after 9/11/2001 as a means of protection for America against another terrorist attack, has been used to strip Americans of their God given freedoms. With each passing year, more illegal privacy invasions by government agencies are exposed, while more restrictions are levied upon communications, free speech, freedom of religion, travel, the ownership of property, money, and the right to self-defense. Yet, at the same time, billions of dollars and weapons have been shipped to countries known to sponsor terrorism. Tens of thousands of strong, military-age Muslim men have been allowed into the United States without investigation. Terrorist acts, allegedly perpetrated by Muslims, have risen exponentially. Noticing the grand contradictions between the stated purposes of confiscatory policies and the actual actions of their government, Americans are now questioning the original premises that were used to initiate this unconstitutional law.

Fueling the demand for a repeal of the Patriot Act is the fact that, over the 16 years since the horrific events of September 11, 2001, facts about what really happened have continued to leak out. Additionally, planes have crashed and sky scrapers have burned since that day in the same ways that they did before 9/11. Two examples are:

When we examine these events, we find that the causes and effects obeyed the laws of nature. In contrast, the 9/11 Commission�s explanations of the plane crashes and tower collapses in 2001 attempt to convince us that, not only were standard procedures and protection systems not followed or operational on that one day, but the laws of physics and science were suspended as well. Then they all mysteriously and immediately resumed the day after. These obvious lies have led millions of people to conducgt their own investigations of the events. Thousands of Freedom of Information Act requests have been filed by Americans seeking answers to questions that the 911 Commission, the FBI and NIST never asked. The government has refused or stalled most of these requests, but a few have been granted. The information obtained from those FOIA inquiries has shown that the official story is neither supported fact nor scientific analysis. These discrepancies are, in fact, so gross that the People are demanding a new and comprehensive investigation.

911Probe is here to assist truth seekers in their personal investigations into the events surrounding 9/11. As we ramp-up, we will collect and publish many excellent photos, videos, new testimonies reports, recently de-classified documents, scientific analyses, and other resources. We encourage each visitor to look at the evidence using the scientific method, principles of physics, mathematical formulas, logic, and even legal analysis.

Official Documents

*Please Note: The New World Order is constantly hunting down and destroying evidence that exposes its ruse, therefore some links provided here may no longer function since we last updated the page.
WTC North Tower : �Plane 1�
Building 1, the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York, experienced damage first, at 8:46 AM EST, but fell last (at 10:28 AM EST). Due to the suddenness of the event, no known photos showing an airplane hitting this building were captured. However the 9-11 Commission concluded that an airplane hit this tower due to these observations by some:
  • The explosion near the top of the South Tower occurred shortly after an airborne object was heard streaking through New York City at low altitude;
  • The size and shape of the building penetration loosely resembled the rear view of a small jet aircraft (smaller than the commercial jets that were allegedly hijacked that day);
  • Large commercial jets were reported hijacked from nearby airports that morning and were mysteriously �lost� from the screens of air traffic controllers.
WTC South Tower : �Plane 2�
Many videos and photos captured what appears to be a large airplane hitting Building 2, the South Tower. None of the photos, however, show enough detail to conclusively determine the make and model of the aircraft. The South Tower, though hit last, suddenly fell first, at 9:59 AM EST. [Note: None of these photos have been verified for authenticity.]
WTC Tower 7: ???
No airborn objects hit World Trade Center Building 7, yet it fell at 5:20 PM EST at the speed of gravity. Coincidentally, the city�s state-of-the-art Emergency Command Center was located on the 23rd floor off this building. Yet, while the century's largest emergency had just occurred that morning, nobody employed by the command center was working in the building at that time. In fact, the building was completely vacant when it collapsed.
Begin Your Own Investigation
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