Expense Management

There is wasted money in your telecommunications infrastructure. The nature of the industry guarantees it. It's time to find and stop the bleeding, and put a system or consultant in place to manage your telecom business in your best interest.

Phase I- Expense Audit


    Proper cost allocation is key. But it can't be attained until a complete and accurate inventory has been performed. TeleSource works with your accounting, legal and IT administrative personnel to collect billing, usage and contract information on your Local, Long Distance, data, Internet, cellular, conferencing and paging services. We also pull data from your telephone, call accounting, and voice mail systems, and from your vendors.

Analysis and Recommendations

The data is then organized and thoroughly analyzed for unnecessary and incorrectly configured services, billing errors, unapplied or misapplied credits, tariff misrepresentations, sight-of-hand tactics, and other discrepancies. During this process, it is often discovered that money is being wasted, that equipment and services are being poorly utilized, and that more cost-effective alternatives haven't been investigated. TeleSource then provides you with a list of recommendations that will reduce your expenses significantly. We put these recommendations into a concise, easy-to-understand report that shows you how much money you will save on each recommendation.


TeleSource implements the recommendations you approve. If needed, a Request for Proposal is prepared and put out for bid. Proposals are reviewed, rates and terms are negotiated, and carriers and vendors are selected. TeleSource then prepares a cut-over plan and manages the entire conversion process, including any installations, disconnects or programming changes that are needed. You avoid the stress of coordinating your local phone company, carriers, vendors, technicians, employees, remote staff, etc.


The audit phase is completed when your new bills are collected and compared against your old expenditures. This analysis yields a monthly savings that is based upon your usage. It is from this figure that TeleSource derives the bulk of its compensation. Savings are typically between 10 and 26%.

Phase II- Expense Control

Monthly Management

    Upon completion of the Verification, TeleSource delivers a final report that gives you a customized tool to manage your telecommunications expenses. But it is nearly impossible for someone who is not in the industry to keep up with the neck-breaking speed at which changes are occurring. So TeleSource provides ongoing management for a fixed monthly fee that is determined at the end of the audit. That management includes:

    • Keeping an eye on rate structures and acting accordingly so that you are always on the most cost-effective service for your needs;

    • Looking for potential problems with carriers (bankruptcy), and keeping attuned to planned disruptions so that we can take you off network before the network crashes;

    • Regularly auditing your phone bills, catching billing "errors" and rate changes, and then correcting them to your benefit;

    • Placing new service orders and applying them to the correct corporate plans;

    • Disconnecting those lines and services that are no longer needed as changes occur.

For less than the cost of hiring the experienced people you would need, TeleSource acts as your personal sentry and uses its knowledge, experience, and contacts within the industry to keep your expenses under control.

The Upshot

If you follow our recommendations and don't save money, you don't owe us a dime!

    You read that correctly. TeleSource guarantees to save you money because we are compensated with 50% of your savings. So if we don't save you money, we don't make money. We collect a small set-up fee, but the bulk of the compensation is derived from your savings. For this reason, TeleSource does not except every client, but applies strict criteria to the qualification process. To become a client, your company must:

    1. Spend at least $20K each month, in total, on telecommunications-related expenses;
    2. Be nearing the end of the terms on your existing contracts;
    3. Have not had a comprehensive audit within the past two years;
    4. Have a good credit rating.
If you meet these criteria, call TeleSource at 888.477.2650 to schedule a qualification appointment.