Project Management

Telecommunications technologies are becoming more and more challenging to understand and piece together. Even full-time IT managers struggle to integrate software, hardware, and service offerings into a platform that delivers the desired results. A visionary technical partner who can manage various stages of these projects is often needed. That's where TeleSource excels. TeleSource, unlike most telecommunications consulting firms, has the engineering experience needed to approach your project from a design-side point of view. This means that we don't adopt the common approach of throwing money and technology at a job. Instead, we find ways to leverage resources to deliver the best solution your money can buy.

Demarc Extensions and CPE Installation

TeleSource provides on-demand, outsourced installation management for companies like AT&T, Qwest Communications, Centurylink, Wesco, and Lockheed-Martin. Rather than substantially increase headcount to handle demarc extensions and customer premise equipment installations, these companies turn to TeleSource for its quick response and expertise at keeping all stakeholders moving forward until the circuit is hot where the customer needs it. Our efficient management of over 4,000 seasoned technicians nationwide is one of the key elements of our ability to exceed expectations in this area. Projects are as simple as extending telco demarcations at multiple locations, and as complex as the coordination of nationwide network upgrades. TeleSource also acts as the single-point-of-contact for ongoing "remote hands" site management.

System Integration

In cases where the solution includes conversion to new technologies such as MPLS, a VPN, VoIP, or Cloud services, TeleSource will work with the leading network service providers to design a secure, managed, flexible solution. As many companies are now replacing point-to-point, Frame Relay, even older technologies with the new, more versatile, bandwidth efficient systems, TeleSource is helping to insure smooth transitions.

Voice Over IP

Internet Protocol, or "IP", is now the de-facto standard for new network designs. In contrast to circuit-switched communications, packet-switched networks running IP squeeze 40 to 60 times more efficiency out of the available bandwidth. Putting voice into packets and sending the conversation over a private or virtually private network means enormous savings for companies whose corporate communications are even slightly phone or fax intensive. TeleSource employs "wide area Centrex" type VoIP solutions that allow organizations with multiple locations to communicate via a single Java-based hosted phone system. This creates a powerful network in which crisp, clear calls between any of your locations are FREE. And, where once VoIP phone conversations were not up to toll quality, VoIP calls are now indistinguishable from circuit-switched calls.

IP PBX ("Cloud-based Enterprise Phone System")

This is a radically new approach that eliminates the nightmare and expense of integrating all of your remote phone systems into your WAN for intra-company voice communications. As a fully meshed system, it enables FREE extension-to-extension calls between all of your offices- no matter where they are located in the U.S. One receptionist can manage calls for ALL locations via the Web-based console, which allows her to actually see who is on the phone in every office, and then transfer calls accordingly. She doesn't have to learn arcane dialpad commands, nor is she stuck with a limited number of keys on a traditional receptionist's console. The Web interface also allows a single person to administer the system for the entire enterprise. Best of all, since it is based on IP technology, you can relocate your business anywhere in the U.S. and your phone numbers won't change!

Wireless Broadband

In LAN or MAN environments, wireless networks have some strong advantages over wired infrastructures. For companies in open, line-of-site, campus or metropolitan environments, a wireless network can deliver lightening-fast multimedia transmissions at a compelling price, particularly where frequent set-up and tear-down is required, or where wire drops are neither practical or safe. For example, this solution is ideal for warehouses, trade shows, laboratories, and assembly lines.